Ever thought about opening your own distillery and make your own whisky?

Well I have ... 
let me tell you all about it

Picture this:

It's friday evening ...

You're at the end of a hectic week …

Your missus is already fast asleep on the couch (absolutely knackered after a full day with the kids) ...

And you're there, with your evening-dram of whisky in your hand and a train wreck of thoughts in your mind, when it suddenly hits you:

"How weird would it be if I actually had a go at this? I mean ... I love this thing so much, I might as well make my own!"

Yes: that's precicely the intrusive thought that came to me, last year ... 

Not gonna lie: I was lucky it was just in my head at that time. I mean, could you imagine if she heard me saying something like that?

Jokes aside though ...

Who ever decided that only celebs and millionaires can actually do stuff like that?  

Why should we automatically put all our dreams away in the name of a supposed reality check?

I get it: going from zero to whisky producer sounds biblical.

You do need a stupid amount of money, fame or both …

We’ve all seen McGregor with his “Proper Twelve”, as well as a number of other celebrities, from Matthew McConaughey to David Beckham and everyone else in between.

But …What about the Robert Savages (founder of Bushmills) and Alexander Reids (founder of Macallan) of the world?

What happened to that kind of people?

The same kind of people able to build a distillery from the ground up and run it to conquer the world.

And no, I won’t take society, laws or money as an excuse. You can’t possibly convince me that it was easier back then. Not considering how easy it is today to access knowledge and resources of any kind.

Maybe, just maybe, they were simply more fearless, strong minded or even just stubborn and stupid enough to dare to dream.


Legitimate question ...

My name is Sebastian S. and, if you ain't got it already, I’m just a regular lad, stupid enough to bite more than he could possibly chew in a lifetime:

Getting from zero to distillery owner to make my bloody own whisky!

And yes:

  • My bank account is proper empty
  • No one really knows who I am and ..
  • My expertise on the matter is not the best … though I’ve been “working” on it for quite a while (almost 6 years).

So how exactly am I gonna make it?

Honestly, I don't have a clue, but that's the interesting bit, innit?

And you’ll get to witness all of it … even take part if you wish!


who am i?

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to:

A Platform ... My personal platform, where I'm gonna be sharing every step of the way starting from an absolute nobody, up to building my own distillery and making my very own whiskey!

Is all this just an intricate way to sell whisky?

Well Yeah, of course ... MY whisky though!

Still, I'm no retailer and believe me: it's definitely not my thing.

So who's this actually for?

I hope you are not looking for the latest news about whisky (waaaay many others are better than me for that).

Same goes for formal education, there are proper schools and academies out there if you're looking for a diploma or a certificate of any kind.…

Here, it's all about the journey!

My journey of course, but also your journey and everyone else's journey venturing in the magnificent world of whisky!

All I’m trying to do here is build a brand that one day will be bottled and presented to the world as a testament of how just passion, dedication and hard work can really do the trick!

AmberDram strives to be a space for all whisky lovers and aspiring whisky lovers. A platform built around a common passion for a drink, for people willing to learn and grow together in a wonderful community pivoted in friendship and a good portion of banter.





An entire section designed to bring everyone up to speed with all the basics of whisky; from its most simple and broad definition, to how it’s made and how to fully taste it.


  • Not a whisky course
  • Not a masterclass

Just me, sharing what I know and what I’ll learn along the way


Where the magic happens! With:

  • AmberAmbition: my personal blog where I’m gonna cover my journey from zero to distillery owner. No secrets, no sugar coatings … just the raw and plain reality.
  • Unfiltered Sips: weekly in-depth and nerdy articles​ where I’m gonna be sharing everything I’ve learned in 6 years of study and every single thing I am going to learn along the way in my pursuit of whisky mastery.
  • Monthly book reviews: about whisky of course! I’m gonna read a new book every month and write a full review on it!
  • Whisky tasting: the more obvious side of all this.

 on top of all that ...

some very interesting plans for the future

As my journey unfolds, I will do my best to get everyone involved in the craziest experiments, blending sessions and more!

For instance, I’m already working o​n my whisky lab (it’s going to be epic and everyone will be able to partake in some crazy stuff) along with a personalized journey for all my followers and a newsletter to keep everyone posted.

Then there will be live events, community casks bought and shared … I got it all planned out in my head.

I guess you could essentially call it a whisky club … but I prefer to think of it just like a big community.



The first 150 brave believer in this project, will alwys be priviledged!

You'll be cited on the label? Your name will be engraved on the main door of the distillery? 

I mean, sure! I might even flash out yuor name at the entrance of the distillery during innauguration ... I guess

Thing is, you give this whole thing a shot and I'll do my best to make it worth your time and attention.

And yes, of course I'm gonna have to try and make some profit out of this at some point as it's still gonna be mad expensive to keep this thing running while trying to reach my goal.


Being part of AmberDram won't ever cost you a penny, promised!

I'll surely organize some kind of patreon program or event, think about merch and things like that ...

Bottom line is:

ARE YOU Ready to pour your dreams into the​ glass?
Let's dive into the heart of AmberDram together.

join NOW as a free member
Cheers to shared dreams and the whisky adventures ahead!